2018 results so far – GP and MIRL

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The results so far for 2018 are now posted on the Website.

This year we have two competitions going on for the Grand Prix where we have the usual first past the post competition, i.e. the person with the most points wins. The second is a handicap competition, where a handicap factor has been applied based on previous times, this makes it a more level playing field and gives more people the chance to win.

And as usual, we have been running the Most Improved Runners League (MIRL). This is based on 5 timed runs in the first part of the year compared against 5 runs over the same courses ran in the second half of the year. From this we can see those who have improved most.

The GP Results are available here => GP Standings and include the current results for Men’s and Women’s Handicap and Scratch Races.

The current MIRL Results can be found here => MIRL Results