Falkirk Parkrun, MIRL 2018 Race 1 – Saturday 10th Feb

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Saturday 10th February is the first race in the Club’s Most Improved Runners League series. This is a competition for everyone because basically your competing against yourself.

There will be a number of races/routes that you do twice and your time is recorded each time. So for example, this is the first Falkirk Parkrun in the series, we will do another one later in the season and your times will be measured for improvement. We will do the same thing with other runs held on training nights.

The two, girl and boy, with the highest percentage improvement will be crowned MIRL champions for 2018.

It is important therefore that if you do this parkrun, you do the corresponding one later in the year to get a score.

So it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you are. It’s how much you improve. The idea is to give every single member a chance of winning.