Members of the Month

December 2017

 Karen WilliamsJames Beaton
Running Category (M/F, Vet, super vet etc)Old burd age group.Male
Why you run - such as: competition, general fitness, lose weight?No Idea maybe I just like the company.Enjoymemt and meeting different people running has given me some confidence when meeting others.
How many years since you started running?Started running at 13 joined central at 14 gave up running at 16 when it stopped being fun .Had a Wee 30+ years break .Went to parkrun (daughter encouraged me ) got bitten by the bug again now in my 3rd year back.This is my 3rd year and still loving it. I still see running as fun and not a chore, not sure I ever will.
Favourite race?Glenmore 24 relayDevilla 15 - this is one of my favourites as it is a change in terrain instead of pounding the pavement.
Favourite race distance?As I am getting older the distance is getting further so anything upwards from 10k.Half marathon is one of my favourites but anything above a 10k really.
Favourite training route/session?The ones where I am tail running get to know new members that way. Any but running in a group is one of my favourites as I like picking up new tips and techniques.
Greatest running achievement?Dunoon Wee eck . Ran it with James Beaton. we started parkrun the same day , we ran our first marathon the same day and we ran our first Ultra together the same day.Dunoon Wee Eck Ultra Marathon is one of my greatest achievements and I would do it again. Not sure if my legs and feet feel the same way!
Where would you like to go on holiday?12 yrs since had a family holiday so right now? Anywhere ! Anywhere. However my wife and I are going to Florida next year, this is the furthest I will have travelled.
Other interests/hobbies apart from running?There are other hobbiesSwimming and the gym.
Who would you like to run with? dead or aliveMy First coach Tony Rogers so i could thank him for being the first person to believe in me.
Running with the WCH is enough for me as the members give you encouragement and we are the best.
What's the best thing about running with the Wee County Harriers?The best thing about WCH are they have become a huge part of my family or my family are a part of them blurred lines there. So much encouragement,support and love from everyone . WCH banter is second to none.Being part of a great team, meeting new people and it is the team that has given me the confidence when meeting new people. Picking up new tips and techniques from others.