Members of the Month

October 2017

 Anna McNeishKevin Boyd
Running Category (M/F, Vet, super vet etc)Female Male
Why you run - such as: competition, general fitness, lose weight?Because it’s cheaper than therapyKeep fit, enjoy it
How many years since you started running?22
Favourite race?Blackrock because there was lot of running with sun in my face, my feet in the sand and the smell of the sea. Ochil Ultra
Favourite race distance?Half marathon because when I feel like giving up at mile 10 I think back to my training and get it in my head that it’s only a wee donner round the dam. Ultra
Favourite training route/session?Hill sessions at the housing estate The dam
Greatest running achievement?Stirling Marathon, I did not think in a million years I could complete a marathon when I started out. PB at alloa half this year
Where would you like to go on holiday?Dubai Tenerife
Other interests/hobbies apart from running?Family history and Journaling, Munro bagging Watching footie, fishing, movies
Who would you like to run with? dead or aliveKelly Holmes
Denzil Washington
What's the best thing about running with the Wee County Harriers?Apart from the abuse I get from Derek, when going through my divorce it helped with the stress so it’s cheaper than therapy! Everyone is so friendly it feels like my running family, people have things in common and you can share running experiences.The banter