Members of the Month

August 2018

 Gillian SmithHannah Gallagher
Running Category (M/F, Vet, super vet etc)Female VetSenior
Why you run - such as: competition, general fitness, lose weight?So I can eat all the good things and get some me timeFor good mental health, to keep fit and for the banter 😉
How many years since you started running?5 years2 years. I initially started to run after I had my second little girl (so two kids under the age of 2) just an excuse to get out of the house. I found it was a great way to relieve stress and clear my head. After watching the 2017 Alloa Half Marathon with searing jealousy I had the ' I want to do that' moment and joined the Harriers the following Tuesday
Favourite race?Loch Ness Marathon - first marathon, great views, organisation and atmosphereI genuinely loved every race I have competed in so far. Black Rock 5 was great apart from the beast of a hill at the end), and Gartmorn 6 was good (especially the post-race spread of food) and Alloa Half Marathon for the amount of support we get along the way
Favourite race distance?10k10k or half marathon
Favourite training route/session?Loop sessions as people are always so supportive on the way round and it's great for all levels to be togetherI really enjoy the winter head torch runs and training at Gartmorn dam
Greatest running achievement?Moray Marathon in just over 4 hours, would love to get close to this againCompeting in my first half marathon at Stirling just more than a year after joing the club. I think I could comfortably run about 3 or 4 miles before joining the club so that was a great achievement for me
Where would you like to go on holiday?The Highlands and anywhere with sunshine and wineHolland and Ibiza are my favourites
Other interests/hobbies apart from running?Swimming, learning languages and musicDon't have time for other hobbies, I barely have time to run haha
Who would you like to run with? dead or aliveBilly Connolly for his humour and Gerald Butler for his looks
Jesse Owens - I have always loved the fact he won 4 gold medals for running at the 1936 German Olympics that Hitler hosted
What's the best thing about running with the Wee County Harriers?Welcoming, inspirational people who are very supportive and give great advice. There are lots of different training options, you learn new routes and do things you would never do on your own, like very big hills.The social events involving alcohol, especially the Christmas night out.
And....the amazing people and the great friends I have met along the way (including the lovely lady in the other column this month)
Oh and the running (I forgot about the running part 😉 )