Members of the Month

January 2018

 Lindsay StotherJess Macadam
Running Category (M/F, Vet, super vet etc)Female VetSuperhuman!
Why you run - such as: competition, general fitness, lose weight?For the fitness and the feel good factor you getTo see my friends and have a chat
How many years since you started running?I can't believe it's 22 years... on and off! And I've been a member of WCH from the very start when we thought having 12-15 folk at a training session was good numbers. Imagine!omg - 18yrs
Favourite race?That's a tough one. I have always enjoyed the Dundee 10 mil race, although I don't know if it's still on these days and I've thoroughly enjoyed the Devils Burden races which I've participated in, always great fun and a good day outSmokies 10
Favourite race distance?10 milesHalf Marathon
Favourite training route/session?Definitely off road and trail sessions/ routes are my favourite. There's a 6.5 mile trail route I call "Jess's route" which starts at Tillicoultry and loops back via Dollar with some nice trails as well as having the option of extending it at various pointThe Dam
Greatest running achievement?That has to be completing my first Marathon race this year at Stirling after so many years runningStirling Marathon
Where would you like to go on holiday?MallorcaScottish islands and France
Other interests/hobbies apart from running?GardeningSkiing, reading, out with pals
Who would you like to run with? dead or aliveSonia O'Sullivan - what an inspirational women she is!I would like to do a WCH Special run with all members past and present
What's the best thing about running with the Wee County Harriers?They are a very friendly club with a wide range of ability, something for everyone and you don't have to be competitive if that's not your sceneBest thing about Wch is it's such a friendly,supportive and inclusive club- a cliche - but true!