Members of the Month

 September 2018

 Marie KaneNyree McLaughlin
Running Category (M/F, Vet, super vet etc)FemaleFemale Vet
Why you run - such as: competition, general fitness, lose weight?I run to keep fit, socialise and to better myselfHealth and fitness and to clear the heed!
How many years since you started running?On and off since school, I ran cross country in the armyWith WCH 'bout 3 years… all in about 12 years
Favourite race?I enjoyed Strathearn this year and I like the Alloa Half and the Glasgow HalfLove and hate Alva Hill Race, and now Crieff 10k is a favourite of mine
Favourite race distance?Anything above 5kNot too sure as I have done lots of new races this year and loved them all
Favourite training route/session?I like the hills (when I'm no falling down them) and anywhere there's no midgesHills n trail… My zigzag /broken skull route
Greatest running achievement?A 40 minute marathon pbCompleting a full marathon
Where would you like to go on holiday?America, Tenerife and anywhere there is sunJust like being on holiday from work to relax, rest, run and catch up as I never stop
Other interests/hobbies apart from running?Gym work, ice skating and shoppingKarate. Although it's been a while, running's kinda took over. Like socialising too lol
Who would you like to run with? dead or alivePaula Radcliffe
Liam Gallagher
What's the best thing about running with the Wee County Harriers?They are a mad bunch of folk who have great banter and support and they give decent adviceThe people I've met, the places I've ran, the races I've took part in and the
encouragement and improvement in my
running and still enjoying it…. Most of all the banter… if that dries up I'm off lol