Most Improved Runner League Session – Tuesday 4th April

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This is just to remind you that on the first Tuesday of each Month there is a timed run over different routes and distances. There are five in the first half of the year and five identical ones in the second half. The times recorded in the first five races against each individual are then compared against the identical races in the latter half of the year and a percentage improvement is allocated to each participant. To qualify you must run in at least three races in the first half of the year and their corresponding races in the second half of the year. All the races are listed in the spreadsheet attached on the Most Improved Runner League page – MIRL Races and Results.

If anyone manages to complete either four or five corresponding pairs of races, the improvement will be based on their best three percentages.

The point of this is that it gives everyone in the club a chance to win the Most Improved Runner title based on their own improvement, i.e. it will be the person with the greatest percentage increase that will win. It doesn’t matter how fast you are but how much you’ve improved.

This Tuesday see’s the third of those events taking place and it is ran round the Gartmorn 6 Route. There are only two races to go in the first half of the year after Tuesday. It would be great if everyone could get there on Tuesday and try and take part in the rest of these events.