Cambus Quarter Results

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Hi Everyone, and thanks for turning up in the rain to take part in the 2nd running of the Cambus Quarter race. We hope you all had a great day and got well fed and watered at the Bowling Club when you finished.

Here’s a summary of the Results:

Ladies: 1. Angela Sandilands; 2. Tara Donnelly; 3. Susanne Lumsden

Mens: 1. Andrew Wright; 2. Bryan Innes; 3. Chris Stephenson

Juniors 1st Girl – Gracie Malloy; 1st Boy – Callum McAlister

Full Results posted on Cambus Quarter Results

2018 Grand Prix – Results so far

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All the results so far for the 2018 Grand Prix races now posted on the GP Results page.

The ones to catch are:

Ladies (Scratch) – Christine Caldwell

Ladies (Handicap) – Nyree Mclaughlin

Mens (Scratch) – Derek McNeil

Mens (Handicap) – Derek McNeil

Training Tuesday 5th June…..Longer Session

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Hi Just to let you know. Training on Tuesday will be at Menstrie. Two sessions will be available. One of them is a steady Hill run – a nice circuit up to Jerrah, then back along a nice wee trail called the Postman’s Path. If you are doing this one it will take a bit longer, probably about 90 minutes.

The other one will be the usual hour.

May GP Races – Dumyat Hill Race and Dunblane Road Race

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The Schedule for May is now posted.

There are two GP Races this month.

The Dumyat Hill Race at Stirling University on 9th May. Race starts at 7:00pm but you need to get registered, get your number etc.. so it’s advisable to be there by around 6:15pm.
Dumyat Hill Race details and Entry

The other race is the Dunblane Road Race, which is on May 27th from Dunblane High street. It starts at 1:00pm but as usual you’ll need to be there earlier to get registered.
Dunblane Road Race details and Entry

Gartmorn 6 Results

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Sorry for the delay. Results are now posted for the Gartmorn 6 Junior and Senior races. Well done to all who took place.

Gartmorn 6 Results

Possible changes to scheduled training – 6th March and 8th March

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It is possible that the training sessions planned for this week may change due to the adverse weather. Please keep an eye out for any emails from the WCH Chairman notifying you if there are any or check posts on Facebook.

Training March 1st – Dumyat Centre, Menstrie

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Due to weather conditions training will take place indoors at the Dumyat Centre in Menstrie.

Click here for map – Dumyat Centre

Falkirk Parkrun, MIRL 2018 Race 1 – Saturday 10th Feb

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Saturday 10th February is the first race in the Club’s Most Improved Runners League series. This is a competition for everyone because basically your competing against yourself.

There will be a number of races/routes that you do twice and your time is recorded each time. So for example, this is the first Falkirk Parkrun in the series, we will do another one later in the season and your times will be measured for improvement. We will do the same thing with other runs held on training nights.

The two, girl and boy, with the highest percentage improvement will be crowned MIRL champions for 2018.

It is important therefore that if you do this parkrun, you do the corresponding one later in the year to get a score.

So it doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you are. It’s how much you improve. The idea is to give every single member a chance of winning.

Current GP Results and MIRL (Most Improved Runners League)

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The GP Results are now posted with the current Standings for both Ladies and Gents. They can be viewed by downloading the Spreadsheet under GP Standings. The MIRL results are can be found here – Most Improved Runner League

October Training Schedule

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The October Training Schedule has now been posted and can be viewed under, Training / This Month’s Schedule Schedule